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LeviActive – Exercise and Rehabilitation System

LeviActive – Exercise and Rehabilitation System

LeviActive is a multifunctional rehabilitation and exercise system mounted to the wall, designed for use at home and in rehabilitation settings. LeviActive together with its accessories provides the possibility of carrying out a range of exercises, upright positioning and gait re-education. The whole system is designed to allow multiplanar movement – essential when performing functional exercises. Thanks to the modular design of the accessories and their easy availability it also allows exercising from a seated position, without having to leave the wheelchair.









LeviKam Trainer

The LeviKam Trainer sling has been designed to provide the user with full torso stabilisation and safety during exercise or rehabilitation. The soft filling of the sling in the areas of maximum strain guarantees full comfort of use without unpleasant pressure or chafing around the armpits and thighs. The material used in the production of the sling allows for air circulation without causing the body to become chafed. Thanks to the use of durable buckles and adjustable straps, the LeviKam Trainer is easy to use and fits any body shape.

The waistcoat may be attached to the hanger by means of resistance bands or straps. The number of resistance bands determines the level of pressure relief and the possibility of changing the pressure relief may contribute to the progress in the rehabilitation process.




The long bar can be used as a standard accessory attached using resistance bands or as a bar suspended from the Q140 boom.


The organiser is a perfect addition to the wall base, allowing you to store accessories in an accessible place. Additionally, it can be used for training and like the LeviActive it has special holes dedicated to fixing accessories.

The organiser is available in sizes S, M and L (size M in the picture).




Examples of activities using LeviActive



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