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LeviKam Active with head support

LeviKam Active with head support

LeviKam Active seat with head support is designed for people who have little control of the head. The sling is also equipped with a belt stabilizing upper part of the body. It is made of waterrepellent and durable material, so this sling is ideal for daily toileting activities and bathing. An additional advantage of the LeviKam Active sling with head support is that once applied, the material covers a small part of the body, which makes bathing and using the toilet easier.





  • maximum load capacity of up to 200kg
  • optional seats with head support
  • multi-stage adjustment of the sling clips
  • wide range of sizes available
  • a wide range of slings: transport, bathing, toileting, stand, amputee, suitable for lifting patient in a horizontal position
  • optional slings with an opening in the bottom of the sling to enable easy toileting
  • slings are available in two versions: bathing slings (made of polyester net) and comfortable (made of polyester)




We have extended the possibility of individual adjustment of the equipment to take into account the appearance of the surroundings and the taste of the user. For an additional fee, we offer the possibility of choosing the colour of the sling. The colour change includes both the straps and the fabric of the seat.



How to apply a sling




Applying a sling in a seated position:



Applying a sling in a lying position:






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