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LeviKam 8-point

LeviKam 8-point

Levikam 8-point sling is used to lift a person who is in a supine position. It is designed for everyday hygiene procedures and personal care. The sling is compatible with 8-point side spreader bars.





  • maximum load capacity of up to 200kg
  • optional seats with head support
  • multi-stage adjustment of the sling clips
  • wide range of sizes available
  • a wide range of slings: transport, bathing, toileting, stand, amputee, suitable for lifting patient in a horizontal position
  • optional slings with an opening in the bottom of the sling to enable easy toileting
  • slings are available in two versions: bathing slings (made of polyester net) and comfortable (made of polyester)




How to apply a sling



Applying a sling in a seated position:



Applying a sling in a lying position:






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