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LeviCare mobile hoist J130/J160/J190

LeviCare mobile hoist J130/J160/J190

Mobile lifting devices allow a flexible transfer of a person with a disability, thus facilitating daily care activities. These devices are among the most popular hoists for home and hospital care. They allow the patient to be gently lifted and moved without staff effort. They have a wide range of applications and can be used in many rooms due to their mobile base.


The main advantages of a mobile hoist:

  • different versions of devices dedicated to different applications;
    replaceable batteries;
  • wide lifting range, including the possibility of lifting from the floor level;
  • no interference in the structure of the building;
  • exchangeable spreader bars and accessories;
  • control via intuitive remote control;
  • battery powered (charged from the mains);
  • easy to store and transport (possible to fold).




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